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Feeling Guilty


I value my freedom, so I neither give nor receive guilt.

I love and accept myself exactly as I am.


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Meet Your Twin Flame

Magnificent Beginnings


LONELY WAY by Dr. Ram Sharma
We get only the footsteps only for few years
we walk together for few steps and yearns
we fall , break and say
for your own loneliness walk alone and sway
the way is lonely and straight
here none is to walk with us , we only thought
how straight and clear the way is
there is no eye to see , no lap to rest
we have to walk , walk and walk to appear in the test
footprints of few footsteps
somewhere we get but there is no one —-no one

We are never alone and yet we are lonely.  We are always searching for something that seems just beyond our reach.  What could it possibly be?  We are looking externally for someone or something to make us happy.  Is it a lifelong partner?  Is it children?  Is it a big house?…

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