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The True Message Of All Religions Is Love

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Magnificent Beginnings


YOUR RELIGION by Dr. Ram Sharma
Your religion is you
Your religion is breathing inside you
Your religion is the golden rays of Sun God
Your religion is in greenery
Your religion is in jumping deer
Your religion dances in the peacock
Your religion is in hovering clouds
Your religion is the radiating sun
Your religion is in stars and in the galaxy
Your religion is in every atom of the universe

Religion has been a source of contention for humanity throughout history.  People are willing to murder, terrorize civilizations, and conquer land in the name of religion.  People will judge, condemn, criticize and destroy those who choose a different faith.

The Creator, Supreme Consciousness or Existential Energy allowed humans who achieved God realization to incarnate on the planet earth to teach mankind the Secrets of the Universe.  The main secret is that we are all created from the same energy…

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