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Father Mother God will Point the Way


Often a problem arises, creating havoc in our lives and we can’t seen to get our act together,confused by all the strife.

Storm clouds look like tornadoes, leaving our thoughts whirling to and fro. As fears and doubts accumulate, our sorrows grow.

At such times we must remember that Spirit can meet our every need.

That is when we need to get busy digging up the ground, because Spirit will provide each tiny seed!Don’t be afraid to simply trust Spirit, no matter what shape we are in; the Father Mother God comforts and delivers and offers mercy for each of us, in our faith.

He will point the way, and turn crisis into calm. If we utter prayers of faith – He will supply the healing balm.

Linda C Grazulis


Author: spirit4723

Trying to live my higher self. Avid reader, restorer of old furniture, and I love learning something new everyday.

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