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Expanding Horizons


By expanding my horizons, I dissolve limitations.


How far are we willing to go with expanding the horizons of our thinking? You see, life really is free and easy. It is our thinking, that is difficult, limited, shame-based and not good enough. If we open ourselves to unlearn some of our limited thinking patterns and open to learning something new, then we can grow and change. Or do we already know it ALL? The trouble with knowing ALL, is we do not get to grow and nothing new can come in.
Do we really accept that there is a POWER and INTELLIGENCE greater than us, or do we think we are the whole thing. See, if we realize there is a POWER AND INTELLEGENCE in the Universe far greater and brighter that us, and that is on our side, then we can move into that mental space where life can operate freely and easily.

What do you think?


Author: spirit4723

Trying to live my higher self. Avid reader, restorer of old furniture, and I love learning something new everyday.

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