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Status on Ex

Status on Ex.


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Status on Ex

In need of prayer

Deidra Alexander's Blog

My ex collapsed recently. Just an update on his status. His fever is down to 99. His OT states are over 90. (They were 80.) His heart rate has come down, but is still beating to fast. His eyes are now tracking when people are speaking.

Not much, but still it is in the positive direction. Thanks to everyone for your support.


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(The Friday Before) Last Friday Night

I Say Oui

Recently un copain and I went to an exhibit at the Hôtel de Ville called Design & Artisanat d’Art : Berlin et Paris exposent leurs créaturs. He always finds interesting free things to do in the city, although apparently he doesn’t have a secret; he searches online. This expo featured work by contemporary designers and artisans from the two European cities.

While works on display should stand on their own, one’s experience of them is inevitably affected by their setting. The contrast between the abstract, fantastic designs and the centuries-old rooms with lofty ceilings was noticeable but not incongruent. The modern-day objects, fashion, and furniture had room to breathe in the grand space.

We looked and remarked on everything on display, from the straitjacket dress suspended from the ceiling to the instrument made for relaxation therapy to the surprisingly sturdy cardboard furniture that we tested out.

We were both…

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Pulse, Wake

Kristiane Writes

I wanna drag ‘em by their long hair and peel up their eyes, wake them from their empty dreams. 
Speed up the pulse, wake up the ghost, distant to the sleepy soul scream.. -Change in Your Veins, Los Growlers

Name the first thing that comes
to mind: salt. It’s like the mind,

or universe in barely-tangible,
viscous form. Still a tease, yet

refreshing, take a dive… Sweet,
deep coldness, what else are

you hiding from us? Standing
over some bleached cliff, ribbed

with veins, breathing your favorite
of the four winds… Why are all

of the planes disappearing, why
is everything so lost to the ocean…?

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