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The Sound of Creation

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Can You Identify the Sound that is Consistent In All of These Names?

Ra                                                      Tat

Krishna                                             Sugmad

Rama                                                 Gaiana

Buddah                                              Mahanta

Waaken Tanka                                 Mahavira

Ahdonay                                            Anu

Brama                                                Khoda

Siddha                                                Akua

Ahura Mazda                                     Atva

Shiva                                                   Nanak

Jehovah                                              Osenbula

Maheo                                                 Yahweh

Kami Sama                                         God

Nagual                                                 Ato

Kali Durga                                          Allah

The obvious sound that is in all these names for the creator is the sound of aaah. This is the sound of creation and joy. Aaah expresses a feeling of joy and bliss. Just say it, and feel the muscles in your body relax. No matter what names we have chosen to call the creator of all things,  aaah is the sound of creation

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